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Make Your Own Printable EPP Templates

A Mini Masterclass with Alison Stothard

This mini Masterclass is for you if:

💥 You’ve ever wasted hours trawling Pinterest and Google trying to find paper templates in the right size and shape for your project,

💥 You can’t afford to pay for the latest design software and its expensive monthly subscription (I know I can’t!),

💥 Have struggled previously with the huge learning curve involved with other free design software like Inkscape (We don’t use it in the Masterclass),

💥 You only need a few papers or want to experiment with new shapes in your EPP projects.

By the end of this Masterclass, you will be able to:

Confidently draw accurate and consistent templates for six (6) of the most popular EPP shapes including:

💥 Hexagons,

💥 60° Diamonds (6-pointed stars),

💥 Half Hexagons, and

💥 Jewels

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Learn to create any shape, any size, any time

This Mini Masterclass will introduce you to the free design software that I use to design my English paper pieced (EPP) quilts and blocks.

I'll show you how easily and quickly you can create your own printable EPP templates in any shape and size.

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Special Offer - Save £10 usually £27


What students are saying

Artboard 1

Artboard 1

Thank you so much for this - it is exactly what I needed to know as I work in tiny scales that aren't always available.

Well worth the money to save myself the time of trawling the internet! 

— Anne-Marie

What's covered in the Mini Masterclass?

Through a combination of video lessons and downloadable resources, this Mini Masterclass comprises:

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Special Offer - Save £10 usually £27