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A new home for Hexadoodle Quilts

Hello Hexy! It's good to see you,

You may or may not know that Hexadoodle Quilts is made up of just one person - Me! A stitch at home mum who most definitely prefers patchwork to paperwork! 

Which is why I have decided to move my website to a new platform.

First, a wee bit of history for you..

Back in 2015, I first made my patterns available for sale via the Craftsy platform but when they stopped selling patterns by independent pattern designers, I had to find somewhere else to make my patterns available.

I started using PayHip which was great! I could sell the few patterns I had here and not have to worry about EU VAT on digital products. Then, I started live streaming on Twitch in 2017 and as my business developed and grew, I knew I wanted to be able to offer more than just patterns for sale. I wanted to be able to write tutorials and share hints and tips to support my patterns.

This lead to me needing to find a solution that could handle digital pattern sales and blogging and custom web pages.

So, for the last 2 years, I have been operating 2 websites. One for blogging and non-EU patterns sales and one for my EU digital pattern sales. But, despite my best efforts, customers from the EU have started to buy my patterns from the non-EU website and not the EU website as requested thereby circumnavigating EU VAT.

This has left me in a difficult situation - because I am not registered for VAT anywhere in the EU, I have no way of paying the VAT owed on these sales. Worse still, any VAT that is owed would have to come out of my own pocket as the non-EU site did not collect the VAT!

Whilst I appreciate that the volume of sales that I actually make is miniscule compared to many, I've been losing too much sleep lately worrying about EU VAT (there is no minimum threshold), fearing the prospect of being fined and potentially losing my seller account!

As it is just me here, I have to wear all the hats in this business and because I do not have the time or resources to handle EU VAT on digital sales myself, I have decided to move all of my online presence to a provider who can handle this whole headache for me.

What does all this mean to you?

If you have made a recent purchase from me and have not yet downloaded your pattern files, you will need to do this before 12 July 2021

The download links in your order confirmation e-mail will continue to work

until 12 July 2021

Here's what will be happening over the next few weeks:

  • The new website is live now on Payhip - you can visit it now to purchase patterns, read the blog and view my tutorials (read on more details on this) at (Hint Hint - you are already on the new website, just by reading this 😉)


  • Within the next few days, typing into your browser will automatically re-direct you here to the new website.


  • Purchases made from the existing website at will need to be downloaded by 12 July 2021 as they will no longer be available after this date. Use the download links provided in your order confirmation e-mail.

  • I'll be transferring over the content from the old site bit by bit - unfortunately there is no obvious way to move it over here automatically.

Apologies for waffling on, I probably haven't made a lot of sense, but my anxiety levels are returning to normal and I am confident that our new home here will last for many years to come. Should we ever outgrow this platform, I hope it means that I will have the resources for an IT person and an accountant to handle the upheaval of our next move!

If you have any problems or queries about the move, if you are struggling to download your patterns from the old site, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I'll get you sorted out as soon as I can.

Now, where is my needle? I need some slow stitching therapy after all this!

Happy Stitching,

Alison xx