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Part 5 - English Country Garden Quilt Along 2021 - Pansy Block

Hello June 2021!

Welcome to month 5 of the English Country Garden quilt along!

Wow! Another month seems to have just flown by! 

June is the halfway point in the year, and if you are stitching along with us, it also represents us passing the halfway mark on our English Country Garden quilts!

I do hope you are enjoying the blocks so far. If you have any feedback or comments about the monthly instruction files or the quilt in general, please do not hesitate to let me know.

This month’s bloom is the Pansy, a large-flowered plant derived from the Viola genus which is a traditional wildflower in the UK and Europe, also known as “heartsease

You can get a copy of the Pansy block pattern here

The name “Pansy” is said to derive from the French word Penser which means “to think”. 

The Pansy is another of my favourite flowers as it can instantly brighten up any corner of the garden. 

I buy my pansies as established plants and prefer to plant them in pots and hanging baskets so they can be moved to areas of the garden that need a little cheering up! 

They are great for giving too and I love to make up little planters to give to my friends and family.

Pansies just like last month’s bloom come in a wide range of bright, pretty colours.  

For the original Country Garden quilt, I used a combination of deep purple, blue and yellow fabrics to try and imitate the look of a “traditional” pansy.

And here is the Pansy block I created for my Blue & White scrap version that I am working on:

I have used 3 different batik/ marbled fabrics to create my petals this time. Once this block is quilted, I will also add more detail to the flower centres with some big-stitch quilting.

According to the Florgious website, a blue pansy is said to symbolise Loyalty and Honesty. 

You can read more about the meanings of different coloured pansies here if you are interested to know the meanings of the colours you choose for your Pansy block.

You can get a copy of the Pansy block pattern here