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How to correctly press your EPP block after appliqué
A number of my EPP patterns call for the completed EPP blocks to be appliquéd to a background square.When you have finished appliquéing your EPP (especially if you chose to appliqué by hand), the finished quilt block might be a bit crumpled and wr...
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Three template options for English Paper Piecing (EPP)
At the heart of English Paper Piecing as the name suggests is the humble paper template. Used to give shape and form to our fabric pieces, you have 3 main options when it comes to sourcing paper templates:Make your own templates.English Pap...
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Tools and materials needed for English Paper Piecing (EPP)
The first thing I would like to say about EPP Tools and materials is, to start with what you have. If you have nothing at all, then start with the best that you can afford.  This craft has been practiced for hundreds of years using only the most b...
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What is English Paper Piecing (EPP)?
The technique of wrapping fabric around paper templates to make patchwork pieces is known as English Paper Piecing or EPP (for short).It is an easy way of creating large complex pieces of patchwork consisting of geometric shapes that tessellate or fi...
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