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How to make a Quilters Knot

Throughout your patchwork and quilting adventures, you'll have come across your fair share of knots - both functional and decorative. Perhaps one of the most versatile knots that I use is called the Quilter's Knot.

The first time I saw someone make a quilter's knot, I was blown away!

Keep reading to find out how to make your own quilters knot and when to use it.

What is a Quilter's Knot?

Although sometimes also referred to as a Tailors Knot, the Quilters knot differs in that it is designed to slip through the top layer of a quilt top so that the end is hidden between the layers of your quilt. A Tailors knot technically, is designed to NOT slip through the layers of your fabric. I use the term Quilters Knot to refer to both types though.

I use this method of knot making all the time and almost always make/ tie one as soon as I've threaded my needle - often without realising I've done it!

When to use a Quilters Knot

You can use a quilters knot at anytime when you are sewing, but it is traditionally used to start a "line" of stitching.

Remember, you don't have to pull the knot all the way through and if you have wrapped the thread enough times it will happily sit on top of a line of stitching. This is what I do when I am sewing my basted EPP shapes together.

I will also use a quilters knot to end a line of stitching, but it is not always possible to get the knot really close to the end of the stitching line. Practise will make it easier though.

Depending on what you are stitching, you will want to alter the number of times you wrap your needle. For example, if I am hand quilting and want to "pop the knot" thus hiding the knot within the layers of my quilt, I wrap no more than 3 times.  

If I am sewing my EPP shapes together on the other hand with a really fine thread such as Wonderfil Decobob, I will wrap my thread 8-10 times before forming the knot so that it doesn't pull through the fabric layers.

Equally, if I am using a thicker embroidery of Perle thread, wrapping the thread no more than twice around the needle is sufficient.

How to make a quilters knot

Unlike some knots, the great news about the quilters knot is that it is really straightforward to do once you get the hang of it!

Here's a summary of how to make a Quilter's Knot:


  1. Cut a length of thread (no more than 14"-16" long to avoid tangling)
  2. Thread your needle.
  3. Grab the long end of your thread.
  4. Pinch that end of the thread against the needle between your thumb and forefinger.
  5. Wrap the thread around the needle.
  6. (Remember: the more times you wrap, the larger the final knot will be).
  7. Pinch the wrapped threads between your thumb and forefinger.
  8. Grab the needle with your free hand and pull the needle out whilst still gripping the thread wraps between your thumb and forefinger.
  9. Once you reach the end of the thread, give the thread a sharp tug to tighten the knot. Open your fingers to reveal the Quilters knot!

Ta Da! Easy huh?

Watch the video below to see for yourself just how easy it is to make a quilters knot!

What do you think? Will you be using a quilter's knot in future? What other knots do you like to use in your patchwork and quilting adventures? I'd love to hear about them in the comments.

Happy Stitching!

Alison xx