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How to make a Quilters Knot

The first time I saw someone make a quilter's knot, I was blown away!

I use this knot all the time and often make one as soon as I've cut my thread and threaded my needle - often without realising I've done it!

Depending on what you are stitching, you will want to alter the number of times you wrap your needle. If I am hand quilting, I wrap no more than 3 times.  If I am sewing my EPP shapes together with a really fine thread such as Wonderfil Decobob, I will wrap my thread 8-10 times before forming the knot.

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to make a quilters knot

Here's a summary of how to make a Quilter's Knot:


1 Thread your needle

2 Grab the end of your thread

3 Grip the end of the thread against the needle between your thumb and forefinger

4 Wrap the thread around the needle. The more times you wrap, the larger the knot will be.

5 Pinch the wraps between your thumb and forefinger

6 Pull the needle out whilst gripping the wraps between your thumb and forefinger. There’s the knot!

Happy Stitching!

Alison xx