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How to remove EPP paper templates AFTER appliqué

Once you have stitched your paper shapes down onto the background fabric, you will want to remove them.  

I prefer to do this as I go (after each shapes has been stitched) so that my work remains pliable and easy to handle.

Removing paper templates AFTER appliqué

  1. Stitch around your shape(s).
  2. Turn your work over to the back (wrong) side and using a seam ripper or sharp embroidery scissors make a small incision in the background fabric only behind the shape you have just stitched.
  3. Cut away the background fabric leaving at least ¼” seam allowance.
  4. Using a cuticle stick or stiletto, loosen the fabric seam allowance from the paper template.
  5. Carefully remove the paper template from the prepared shape.