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How to sew an EPP Hexagon Flower Rosette using a whipstitch

  1. Take 2 basted hexagons (the centre hexagon and one of the "petals") and, lining up the edges and points, place them right sides together.
  2. Thread a needle and knot the end of your thread.
  3. Insert your threaded needle under the seam allowance on one of the hexagons and come out right at the corner.
  4. Take a small stitch from one hexagon to the other hexagon, catching just the very edge of the folded fabric seam allowances. Do not stitch through the paper.
  5. Take a second stitch in the same place to secure your thread.
  6. Take another stitch approximately 1/16th of an inch from the previous stitch
  7. Continue taking stitches approx. 1/16th of an inch apart until you reach the end of the seam (the next corner).
  8. Take 2 stitches in the same place right on the corner of the hexagons to secure your line of stitching.
  9. Open out the hexagons and admire your handy work! Do not cut your thread.
  10. Place the next hexagon "petal" right sides together over the centre hexagon. Again, line up the edges and the corners.
  11. Repeat steps 3-9 again and attach the second "petal".
  12. Continue working your way around the centre hexagon adding "petals" until all 6 "petals" are attached to the centre hexagon.
  13. Once the centre hexagon has been surrounded by petals, you can remove the paper template from the centre hexagon. This will make it easier to stitch the petals together.
  14. Fold the flower rosette in half and line up the edges between 2 petals. Stitch these 2 petals together following steps 3-9 above.
  15. 15. Repeat until all the petals have been sewn together.