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How to remove EPP paper templates before appliqué

If you are planning to machine appliqué your basted shapes to a background fabric, you will need to remove your paper EPP templates before you start stitching.

Here's how I prepare my shapes for machine appliqué:

1. Lightly spray the front of a prepared shape with regular spray starch and press with a dry iron. Leave to cool fully.

2. Using a cuticle stick or stiletto, loosen the seam allowance from the paper template.


3. Carefully remove the paper template from the prepared shape.

EPP leaf piece with removed paper template alongside wrong side view of a Sewn EPP Petal Flower showing petal paper template removed 


4. Lightly press again from the WRONG side only. Allow to cool.

5. Apply a few drops of basting glue to the seam allowance only and apply to your background block.

prepared EPP leaf shape with small dots of white glue in seam allowance bottle of roxanne glue baste it applique glue lying next to a prepared hexie petal flower.  there are small white dots of glue on the wrong side of the flower in the seam allowance 


You can see how this is done in my short tutorial video below: